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Best Montreal, Canada VPN Providers

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With recent allegations in the US of privacy issues regarding internet traffic, and spying allegations by various government entities come to light – it’s crucial to have a form of anonymity online today – a VPN in Montreal is your best choice for privacy in today’s  surveillance based online world.

It doesn’t matter which ISP or backbone in Canada you’re using, it’s true that the internet traffic will pass through multiple ISP backbones (routers) in the USA that are spying on traffic en-route to the website, many which sniff and keep logs of activity, verified by recent news.


A secure virtual private server in Montreal, Canada offers you unlimited fast local access from your local Canadian or US home residential ISP (be it in Germany, UK, Amsterdam) to a secure vpn sstp server, which will encrypt and protect your traffic for privacy, and make it appear as if all of your computer connections are originating from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Browse from Montreal or watch local Canada TV / French Canadian TV channels that would otherwise be blocked or unviewable.


Numerous VPN providers only provide locations for anonymity and privacy in a few countries, not offering you a choice of where your connection appears to be originating from. Choose a better vpn service such as EarthVPN – with 50+ locations, such as Montreal, Canada / North American VPN Server Locations, giving you the fastest & best montreal vpn available, and access to TV Channels such as : CBC, SRC, CTV, Global TV Canada, TVA, APTN, CityTV, CTV Two, Omni, CTS and JoyTV and other streaming movie, music & TV providers in Canada.


With a vpn provider based in Montreal you can browse the internet from your home in Canada, the US, Canada, United Kingdom, or even Switzerland on numerous devices such as iPhones, iPads, computers and even SmartTVs / over sstp – and you’ll appear to be browsing from an IP locally in the midst of Montreal, Canada – offering you unmatched anonymity.


Some Canadian ISPs block the protocols that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN in which case a canadian sstp vpn is the only choice for getting past network or ISP rules / restrictions. Make sure to look for VPN providers who offer SSTP networking !


Benefits of a Secure VPN in Montreal, Canada:

  • Be Private, 100% Anonymous – Look to be Browsing websites on an encrypted connection from Europe in Montreal, Canada
  • Watch TV channels in French you wouldn’t otherwise be able to watch if not living in Canada (CBC, SRC, CTV, Global TV Canada, TVA, APTN, CityTV, CTV Two, Omni, CTS and JoyTV)
  • Download Torrents and use otherwise blocked P2P protocols using a Montreal VPN Server




Montreal is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is the largest city in the province, the second-largest in Canada and the 8th-largest in North America.
Settled: 17 May 1642
Area: 431.50 km2
Population: 1649519



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